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Barrett Livestock Trailer

Barrett Livestock Trailer

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Pizzster Modding

Pizzster Modding Barrett Livestock Trailer for ATS 

  • Slat Side Panels
  • Punch Side Panels
  • Tandem Chassis
  • Tandem Chassis Rear Lift
  • Cali Hookups (Undercables) Tandem Chassis
  • Cali Hookups (Undercables) Tandem Chassis Rear Lift
  • Front tire rack - 2 Tire Options
  • 2 Lightbox options (Upper and Lower)
  • Multiple rear bumper options
  • Multiple mudflap options
  • Custom state trailer license plates 
  • ATS Expansion map ready!

Skin your own mudflaps, lightboxes and rear panel.  3 custom dds options so you are not constantly changing your logos.  Instructions are in the readme!  

ATS 1.49 ready

Trailer is entirely free on behalf of Pizzster Modding!


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We take pride in what we do and our trailer truely shows that. We are dedicated to keeping the trailer constantly updated. Updates are always fun and we typically do updates very frequentlly as we are always adding new things!