• Serial Black Modding Engines

    Serial Black Moidding

    "Reality Digitized" - Serial black provides some of the best sounding engines for ATS!  His engines work right off the bat with no def file editing or anything.  Just pop his main sound file in listen to how she purrrrs inside our 389!

  • Southern Custom Skinning

    Southern Custom Skinning

    "Quality is not an option but a guarantee"- Southern Skinning was made so that the ATS community could have quality skins without impacting FPS or their games. Our goal is to make all skins great again. He offers a wide variety of skins for our 389 and others as well! 

  • Mike Pett Gamming

    Looing for some reviews on products before you buy?  Modded ATS is your guy!  He does great in-depth reviews on products, build and drives and has been a great help throughout the community with sharing his game performance settings!  Down to making the game feel more realistic!

    You can also catch him live on his Twitch as well! www.twitch.tv/MikePettGaming

    Mike Pett Gaming