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Temisko End Dump

Temisko End Dump

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ATS Kyle

Temisko End Dump 

COMING SOON: All of our mods will be ran through a plugin called Mod Guardian for security purposes. 

Paid ATS Trailer

The model was modeled by Daramin Design Studio and ingamed by Pizzster Modding. This is a high quality dump trailer.

16 Unique modeled cargos
3 Quad Axle variant chassis options
Custom light node slots
Default light options
Skinnable sidewalls and mudflaps
Open and closed tarp options
1st Animated PTO gauge
Animated landing gear
Proper suspension per chassis setup. 
Proper hosing/cabling through out with proper suspension details. 
Numerous fender options
Option of painted, brushed, and polished finishes
Ownable or available in the freight market.
Multiple ladder options. 
Light panels or mudflaps in front of the axles.
Multiple shovel locations.
World of Trucking compatible. (DO NOT OPEN TARP)

Please refer to our YouTube video for a full demo of this trailer for you to consider if this trailer is perfect for you!

Read Me - Install guide explains how to customize your mudflaps and side panels!

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We take pride in what we do and our trailer truely shows that. We are dedicated to keeping the trailer constantly updated. Updates are always fun and we typically do updates very frequentlly as we are always adding new things!