Wilson Update Status

For everyone who doesn't use discord or for whoever may find this easier.  I will post the status of each update of the Wilson Commander in here.

07/30/22 - Managed to get pretty much all the main lighting done and some.  All side panels have nodes, rear panel has a lot more now and I added a row in the top front.  I also added a light box behind the landing gear.  I also added mudflaps behind the front wheel and made the rear ones longer as well.


07/29/22 - File was uploaded for Early Access customers.  Currently working on my own light pack for my trailers.  So for right now no lights besides KSW.  Loads are working.  Very early stage.  Tomorrow (07/30/22) I will add light nodes, to the top of the front and rear panels as well as the side panels.  And work on the other chassis's as well as accessories.